Here is how to donate

Because smaller donations (1 or 2 Euros) through PayPal are reduced in value by PayPal fees, I have opened a second PayPal account for smaller donations. The fees related to that are also smaller.

Donations of 1 to 3 Euros:

Donations larger than 3 Euros:

If you happen to be a flattr user, please klick here:

If you are not able or opt not to donate via PayPal or flattr, but would like to donate anyway, you can of course use the traditional way of bank transfer. Ideally, only European friends should use this option, as there will be unrealistically high bank fees involved otherwise.

Name of account: Ralf Paul
Routing No.: 37069252 (Volksbank Erft eG)
Account No.: 2201456013
IBAN: DE66370692522201456013

When using a traditional bank transfer, please let me know via e-mail so that I have contact information. I can then thank you personally and inform you in case you have won a prize in the monthly raffle.

You also can help continue the comic by buying stuff from the shop! The money will be put right on top of the barometer for the next page I will draw! :)


Donation raffle for August

  • German Spawn issue with official gallery page that I did for Tod McFarelane back in 1998.German Spawn issue with official gallery page that I did for Tod McFarelane back in 1998. Its the German print of the original American issues 12 and 13.

Thank you very much for visiting my donation page! I am pleased that you want to support my webcomic with a donation. And don?t think only large donations are welcome - I am very happy for even a single Euro (dollar) contribution. With each one of these, you let me know that the project and my work are worthwhile.
Not many donate, as I know from personal experience.

Each donation allows me to continue to publish new pages on a regular basis.

Each donor will be mentioned in my thank yous, as long as he/she agrees to that. The list will be alphabetical - and if you wish could be in the form of a pseudonym.

Every month, I am going raffle off original artwork (ink drawings, sketches, etc.) by drawing names from the donor list for that particular month.